Posted August 1, 2011 by Mitch Salem

  THE GUARD – Worth A Ticket:  The Art of Performance, Crispy and Well-Done   I don’t know that there’s an actor in movies today more fun to watch than Brendan Gleeson.  Gleeson is probably best known for playing Mad-Eye Moody in several of the Harry Potter movies, but he’s been giving sensational performances since […]

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Current Release


Posted July 20, 2013 by Mitch Salem

  THE CONJURING:  Worth A Ticket – Retro Horror, In A Good Way Watching The Exorcist recently, for the first time in probably a decade, the most striking thing about it was its insistence on a palpable, sometimes documentary-like reality.  Director William Friedkin moved the film at a measured, even slow pace, only gradually raising […]

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Posted September 21, 2012 by Mitch Salem

  UP ALL NIGHT:  Thursday 8:30PM on NBC WHERE WE WERE:  Watching a show about Reagan Brinkley (Christina Applegate), who struggled to produce her best friend Ava’s (Maya Rudolph) afternoon TV talk show while adjusting to parenting daughter Amy with stay-at-home lawyer husband Chris (Will Arnett). WHERE WE ARE:  In a somewhat different show.  Up […]

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SHOWBUZZDAILY Series Premiere TV Review: “For the People”

Posted March 14, 2018 by Mitch Salem

  FOR THE PEOPLE:  Tuesday 10PM on ABC – In the Queue Things may change when Shonda Rhimes moves to Netflix, but in her ABC incarnation, her name on a project creates a certain set of expectations, which the new FOR THE PEOPLE mostly satisfies.  The pilot for the series, created by former Scandal writer/producer […]

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Midseason Finale

SHOWBUZZDAILY Series Premiere Review: “Houdini & Doyle”

Posted May 2, 2016 by Mitch Salem

  HOUDINI & DOYLE:  Monday 9PM on FOX – Change the Channel Paranormal procedurals have been fertile ground for FOX since at least The X-Files, recently with Lucifer and Sleepy Hollow (and the rebooted X-Files).  The network’s early-arrival summer series HOUDINI & DOYLE, though, is a plodding, uninspired miss in the subgenre. As the rules […]

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THE SKED Season Premiere Review: “Rookie Blue”

Posted June 19, 2014 by Mitch Salem

  ROOKIE BLUE:  Thursday 9PM on ABC It’s quite an accomplishment for a scripted summer series on one of the broadcast networks to last five seasons on the air, and the ABC/Canadian co-production ROOKIE BLUE is now so venerable that one of the plotlines in tonight’s Season 5 premiere had the character whose rookie year kicked off […]

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Posted August 19, 2013 by Mitch Salem

  This was, for the most part, a solid rebuilding season for TRUE BLOOD.  The show survived a replacement in showrunners when series creator Alan Ball stepped down after 5 years–and then a replacement of that replacement–with show veteran Brian Buckner ultimately taking over.  Under his direction, the series took a smart step or two […]

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SHOWBUZZDAILY Season Finale Review: “Twin Peaks”

Posted September 3, 2017 by Mitch Salem

  Debates about what, if any, garments a television emperor has been wearing have rarely been as polarizing as the ones surrounding Showtime’s reboot of TWIN PEAKS, 25 years after the ABC original arrived in a blaze of glory only to be canceled a season later.  The emperor in this case was David Lynch (along […]

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