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NIELSENWAR: A Tale of Two Wins for NBC and ABC

  Note:  all ratings below are Live + Same Day 18-49 numbers , the ratings which experience has shown to be closest to the averages for viewers who watch within 3 days and DO NOT skip through commercials, the “C3...
by Mitch Salem



  AFTERNOON UPDATE:  A trio of the morning’s lows were narrowly dodged when SURVIVOR, AMERICAN IDOL and SUBURGATORY were adjusted up 0.1.  But the adjustments giveth and taketh away:  REVOLUTION and CSI both lost ...
by Mitch Salem



NIELSENWAR: The Value of a Super Bowl, and Midseason, Part I

  Everyone knows that the Super Bowl is by far the highest rated show of each season, but what does it mean for a network’s big picture?  Here were the season-to-date averages for the broadcast networks as of a week...
by Mitch Salem