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Final Bcast 2017 Aug 12.SAT

UPDATED: SHOWBUZZDAILY’s Top 150 Saturday Cable Originals & Network Finals: 8.12.2017

        NETWORK FINALS:  Saturday was another night with NFL Preseason games, so there were plenty of adjustments.  Each show in the ABC and FOX line-ups as well as DATELINE and 48 HOURS dropped 0.1 in fin...
by Mitch Metcalf

Final Bcast 2016 Jun MON.27

UPDATED: SHOWBUZZDAILY’s Top 150 Monday Cable Originals & Network Finals: 6.27.2016

        NETWORK FINALS:  The 8PM, 8:30PM and 9:30PM WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY reruns each lost 0.1 in final numbers after adjustment for local baseball preemptions.       Broadcast Official Nat...
by Mitch Metcalf


Top 40 Cable MON.8 Jun 2015

SHOWBUZZDAILY’s Top 100 Monday Cable Originals (& Network Update): 6.8.2015

  NETWORK UPDATE:  AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR gained 0.1 in final numbers, but THE ISLAND lost the same.  CABLE HIGHLIGHTS:  It was a big night for sports on cable, but above them all was VH1’s LOVE & HIP-HOP ATL...
by Mitch Metcalf