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ShowbuzzDaily SUMMER MOVIE DRAFT: July 22 Update

The biggest gain of the week in the ShowbuzzDaily Summer Movie belongs to Team Weil, up $229 million to $554 million to date.  Still in third place, Team Weil will continue to benefit from The Dark Knight Rises and start to ...
by Mitch Metcalf


ShowbuzzDaily Summer Movie Draft: July 15 Update

Team Weil, with Ice Age 4, had the biggest gain this week, up $97 million to $325 million to date.  The coming week will be huge for this slate as Dark Knight Rises opens Friday. Team Salem had a decent week with an $88 mi...
by Mitch Metcalf




The second annual ShowBuzzDaily Summer Movie Draft still looks like a runaway for Team Metcalf ($518.9 million total through Sunday versus about $25 million each for Teams Salem and Weil), but the early lead is really a functio...
by Mitch Metcalf