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Dr Ken

SHOWBUZZDAILY Series Premiere Review: “Dr. Ken”

  DR. KEN:  Friday 8:30PM on ABC – Change the Channel It’s going to be a neck and neck battle this fall between ABC’s DR KEN and NBC’s Truth Be Told (which will soon air directly against it) as to ...
by Mitch Salem

Mr. Robinson

SHOWBUZZDAILY Series Premiere Review: “Mr. Robinson”

and MR. ROBINSON:  Wednesday 9PM on NBC – Change the Channel NBC has been making a specialty of what might be called “stealth comedy.”  The network throws a short order of sitcom episodes on the air two at a...
by Mitch Salem


one big happy

SHOWBUZZDAILY Series Premiere Review: “One Big Happy”

  ONE BIG HAPPY:  Tuesday 9:30PM on NBC – Change the Channel Have you heard the one about the guy who makes a pact with his lesbian best friend that if they’re not with anyone else when they turn 30, they̵...
by Mitch Salem

odd couple

SHOWBUZZDAILY Pilot + 1 Review: “The Odd Couple”

  THE ODD COUPLE:  Thursday 8:30PM on CBS Previously… on THE ODD COUPLE:  You know the drill.  Oscar Madison (Matthew Perry) is an emotionally superficial slob sportswriter, his old friend Felix Unger (Thomas Lenn...
by Mitch Salem




  THE MCCARTHYS:  Thursday 9:30PM on CBS  – Change the Channel! PLAYERS:  Series creator Brian Gallivan, and because up till now he’s been a junior-level TV writer (on Happy Endings and Are You There, Chelse...
by Mitch Salem


THE SKED Season Finale Review: “Undateable”

  NBC was so eager to get UNDATEABLE off its schedule that the network unceremoniously threw 4 episodes onto tonight’s line-up, 1 rerun and 3 new half-hours culminating in the season finale.  That treatment was a bi...
by Mitch Salem


NIELSENWAR 2014-15 Trailer Review:  ABC’s “Cristela”

NIELSENWAR 2014-15 Trailer Review: ABC’s “Cristela”

  CRISTELA:  Friday 8:30PM on ABC THE FACTS:  The Hollywood American Dream:  Cristela Alonzo is a Latina comic who wrote (with Kevin Hench) a family comedy pilot script loosely inspired by her own life, about a young wo...
by Mitch Salem

2 broke girls

THE SKED Season Finale Review: “2 Broke Girls”

  2 BROKE GIRLS is a serviceable sitcom for CBS, and in its 3rd season, it knows fairly well how to do what it does.  The show hangs on the comic charisma of Kat Dennings as wise-ass, tough-but-vulnerable waitress and asp...
by Mitch Salem


friends with better lives

THE SKED Pilot + 1 Review; “Friends With Better Lives”

  FRIENDS WITH BETTER LIVES:  Monday 8:30PM on CBS Previously… on FRIENDS WITH BETTER LIVES:  A half-dozen 30-ish friends hang out.  OB-GYN Bobby (Kevin Connolly) and Andi (Majandra Delfino) are married, and she&#...
by Mitch Salem


THE SKED Series Premiere Review: “Ground Floor”

  GROUND FLOOR:  Thursday 10PM on TBS – If Nothing Else Is On… As cable networks have stolen more and more of the glory from broadcasters, with TV movies, miniseries, and quality 1-hour dramas now largely in t...
by Mitch Salem



THE SKED Pilot + 1 Review: “Dads”

  DADS: Tuesday 8PM on FOX Previously… on DADS:  Video game company partners Eli and Warner (Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi) are invaded by their respective fathers, David (Peter Riegert) and Crawford (Martin Mull)....
by Mitch Salem