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SHOWBUZZDAILY Season Finale Review: “The Good Place”

  To be sure, NBC’s THE GOOD PLACE hasn’t had much competition in the category of Most Imaginative Broadcast Sitcom this season.  (Really, there’s just The Last Man On Earth, which has been having a mono...
by Mitch Salem


THE SKED Season Finale Review: “Homeland”

  After three seasons on the air, it seems fair to say that–paraphrasing Star Wars—Homeland isn’t the show we were looking for.  That doesn’t make it a bad series, or an unentertaining one.  But i...
by Mitch Salem



SHOWBUZZDAILY MOVIES: The Dark Knight Trilogy and the Art of the Long Con

  Warning:  this piece will discuss details of the storyline of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES as well as the other Batman films.  GIANT SPOILERS WILL ABOUND; proceed at your own risk. Christopher Nolan is remarkable among the gr...
by Mitch Salem