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Our Review / 5 - Terrible
by Mitch Salem



  CARNAGE:  Watch It At Home – Polanski and All-Star Cast Miss the Bullseye   The trick about CARNAGE, which is based on the Tony Award-winning play God of Carnage by Yasmina Reza, is that despite its pedigree,...
by Mitch Salem



THE BIJOU @ TIFF: “Rampart”

> Oren Moverman’s first film as a director, The Messenger, was a beautifully contained, emotionally detailed story about soldiers assigned to deliver tragic news to the families of the deceased.  In his new film RAMP...
by Mitch Salem


COUNTING TO 10: The Tonys

> The Tony Awards aren’t quite like any other televised awards show.  They’re happily, unapologetically insular (and so are the ratings–thank god for CBS, where “young” audience is a relative ...
by Mitch Salem



THE BEAVER: Chew On This

> Watch It At Home:  Gibson Delivers, The Movie Wobbles As you may have heard, the new comedy-drama THE BEAVER stars a guy named Mel Gibson, who used to be a big-time movie star.  (It’s actually a surprise to re...
by Mitch Salem



> Once there was a time when Broadway musicals didn’t have to say anything about society, politics, art, literature, or really much of anything.  They were exercises in style, excuses for glamorous people to get up o...
by Mitch Salem