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A SHOWBUZZDAILY Guide To Movie Profitability (Or Not) – Part II: Distribution Fees and Back-End

  Yesterday we looked at some of the ways that the costs of producing a feature film are higher and more complicated than they might seem.  Today, some additional obstacles that lie between any movie and profitability. &n...
by Mitch Salem


A SHOWBUZZDAILY Guide to Movie Profitability (Or Not) – Part I: Budget

  Let’s start with something simple:  anyone who claims to have reliable knowledge about the profitability of a specific film, without having detailed access to its production budgets, financing documents and key ta...
by Mitch Salem




On Homevideo and VOD:  Still Not Worth Seeing. James L Brooks is legendarily responsible for some of the great comedies and comedy-dramas of his generation, with a record that stretches from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show...
by Mitch Salem