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The Sked: PROMO WATCH — Update through February 23

>GCB and the Oscars are the big bets for ABC in recent days, while NBC continues to make an extraordinary push for Awake.  CBS is hoping to take Person of Interest to another level, and FOX just doesn’t seem to be ma...
by Mitch Salem


The Sked: PROMO WATCH — Update through February 19

>Over halfway through the February ratings sweep, the broadcast networks continue to exhibit very different strategies in allocating their precious on-air promotion time to market and launch new programs as well as supporting t...
by Mitch Salem




> NBC has unaccountably decided not to air a midseason schedule consisting of a test pattern and the words “For the love of God, bring back football…” scrolling at the bottom of the screen.  On the contra...
by Mitch Salem