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RIO: Cartoon Carnival

> Worth A Ticket; Birds Fly High Enough for Kids, and Adults Too. Click For More Reviews: THOR    PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 4    MIDNIGHT IN PARIS Animation has, over the past decade, passed beyond ...
by Mitch Salem


SOUL SURFER: Charlie Don’t Surf

> Not Even For Free. There’s a key scene in the new SOUL SURFER where the one-armed teen surfer Bethany Hamilton, who’s had her other arm chewed off by a shark and who despairs of her career in competition, is in Th...
by Mitch Salem



TRUST: Tangled Interweb

> Worth A Ticket. Of all the “Friends” who kept America company in its collective living room for a decade, David Schwimmer has taken the most concerted step away from the work that made him famous.  While Cour...
by Mitch Salem