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THE SKED: The Cable Ratings World

>From time to time, we will check in with the cable networks to see what programs are resonating with the audience.  HBO’s True Blood and History’s Pawn Stars would be considered summer hits on any network.&nbs...
by Mitch Metcalf


THE SKED CABLE REVIEW: USA’s “Necessary Roughness”

> Premieres Wednesday 10PM on USA:  Change the Channel NECESSARY ROUGHNESS departs from the USA Network formula in several ways:  our heroine Dani Santino (Callie Thorne) is the mother of teenagers, she doesn’t ...
by Mitch Salem



THE SKED: Premiering Tonight

> Click below for reviews of tonight’s premieres: SUITS (USA) review WILFRED (FX) review
by Mitch Salem



> Premieres Thursday 10PM on FX:  Potential DVR Alert Is WILFRED more than a one-trick puppy?  We’ll see.  It joins the FX line-up of off-center comedies (Louie, The League, It’s Always Sunny in Phila...
by Mitch Salem



THE SKED @ CABLE REPLAY; “Killing” Us Softly

> If you haven’t heard (and if you haven’t–and you care–consider this a SPOILER ALERT), the 13th episode of AMC’s series THE KILLING, its season finale, concluded on Sunday night without answering ...
by Mitch Salem


THE SKED @ CABLE REVIEW: “Falling Skies”

> FALLING SKIES – Sundays 10PM on TNT – If Nothing Else Is On… Or:  how is FALLING SKIES not Terra Nova?  I’ve raved about FOX’s Fall dinosaur spectacle, and here’s another Steven S...
by Mitch Salem




> Premieres Thursday 10PM on USA:  If Nothing Else Is On… (But it’s summer, so nothing is.) At this point, I think we could all identify a USA Network series blindfolded and with the soundtrack running backward...
by Mitch Salem