January 6, 2019

Year to Date Box Office & Worldwide Studio Scorecard 1.6.2019

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Written by: Mitch Metcalf
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WORLDWIDE STUDIO SCORECARD.  Here is an updated look at the 2018 film slates by studio. The studio totals also include 2019 dollars for films released in late 2018. We will continue to track the 2018 slates until mid-February, when we will switch to tracking the 2019 slates.

YEAR TO DATE BOX OFFICE. Looking at North American box office, 2018 ends +5% above last year’s 52-week span (and +2% ahead of the full 53-week configuration of 2017) and +7% above the average for this point the past four years ($10.313 billion).  Over the same period, Hollywood films have grossed almost $28.1 billion worldwide when we add overseas box office (that’s now marginally above the comparable worldwide box office last year for the 52 weeks of 2017  but -2% below the full 53-week configuration of 2017).

A reminder: we define the start of each year as the first Monday in January (except if that is New Year’s Day), and our year ends on the Sunday after New Year’s Day the following calendar year. The numbers in this chart contain box office grosses from each year’s films as well as grosses from prior year films that carried over into that year.

We will begin tracking 2019 next week.


Weeks 1-52

*Wks 1-53

North America Worldwide
2018 $11.058 $28.092 Jan 8-Jan 6
2017 $10.489 $28.008 Jan 2-Dec 31
2017* $10.792* $28.634* Jan 2-Jan 7*
2016 $10.536 $26.234 Jan 4-Jan 1
2015 $10.504 $26.786 Jan 5-Jan 3
2014 $9.724 $24.880 Jan 6-Jan 4


The past six weeks in North America are now -21% below the same period last year and now -17% below the four-year average for the similar six-week period ($1.562 billion).

North American Box Office PAST SIX WEEKS
2018 $1.291 since Nov 26
2017 $1.641 since Nov 20
2016 $1.520 since Nov 21
2015 $1.766 since Nov 23
2014 $1.321 since Nov 24

WORLDWIDE GROSSES BY FILM TITLE.  Here is an updated look at the 2018 film rankings for movies released in over 1,000 North American theaters in the 2018 calendar year. We will continue to track 2019 dollars for these films until mid-February, and then we will transition to the 2019 film rankings.



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