May 28, 2020



ULTIMATE TAG plunged without last week’s big lead-in.

DEMOGRAPHIC DETAIL: For each broadcast program (or hour segment), the chart below displays preliminary live+same day key advertiser demographics (adult 18-34, 18-49 and 25-54 ratings), audience skews (women 18-49, men 18-49 and adults 50+ shares) and total viewership (thousands of people over the age of 2).

Ratings analysis and comparisons follow the chart.

ABC:  After a 0.5 lead-in from a run of THOR: THE DARK WORLD, AGENTS OF SHIELD premiered its final season at 0.4, steady with its 2019 premiere.

CBS:  GAME ON! launched at 0.6, followed by reruns at 0.3/0.3.

FOX:  Without THE MASKED SINGER as lead-in, ULTIMATE TAG fell 0.7 to 0.6.  It was preceded instead by a rerun of MASTERCHEF at 0.4.

CW:  THE 100 (0.2) and BULLETPROOF (0.1) were steady.

NBC:  Reruns at 0.5/0.5/0.5.

The networks air their regular summer line-ups tonight.  On cable, Freeform has the season finale of SIREN. 

COMPARISONS TO SIMILAR NIGHTS: Preliminary adult 18-49 live+same day ratings versus the same night last year and same night last week.

CABLE RATINGS: Come back this afternoon for detailed demographic ratings for top Wednesday cable programs. Broadcast finals for Wednesday will be available Friday morning, another delay caused by the Memorial Day holiday.






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  1. 69 Road Runner

    Is that all SHIELD got? Nielsen viewers are dolts! 🙂

    • ChrisM

      For various reasons, SHIELD shot itself in the foot at the very start and never quite recovered. The show, in some ways, got better, particularly after Ward (Brett Dalton) was revealed as a bad guy, but it was never really what I would consider great. it was never going to get that hoped for 0.7 you, or whoever, wanted.

      • Destiny

        I hear that a lot about the show from people. It seems like Shield started with a very poor opening half to the season and then got really good according to fans. But still I think seven seasons is a fantastic run that many wouldn’t have predicted to happen from the start.

        • Raiderguy

          Yeah coming from someone who has enjoyed the show, it was at it’s worst in the very beginning. The problem was they wanted to capitalize on the MCU money but the MCU was driven by a completely different set of people than the Marvel TV folks and there was zero communication between the two, even though they wanted these worlds to coexist. On top of that they didn’t know how to really start this show since the movie universe was literately about to destroy the one thing the show was going to be based off of (SHIELD). In hindsight it was for the best because it allowed the show to move on in it’s own direction. Problem is once that finally happened, to many people had already flocked away from it…

        • ChrisM

          Not sure if you remember, but a long time ago I posted a response to you as to why I felt the show was lacking. I can’t exactly remember it now nor do I have the post saved, unfortunately.

          I think Raiderguy is right. It occurs to me that one of the show’s problems was its absence of Marvel heroes. Had they done an occasional story arc involving a commonly known Marvel hero or villain, if only for a an episode or two, it may have attracted viewers who would hope for more of that. Even Nick Fury showing up more might have helped though, personally, i am not a big fan of Jackson in the role. I am not sure, or remember, if it was the intention, but you have to look at Coulson’s unit as a separate little corner of the Marvel universe while Fury is responsible for the main hero/villain part of it.

    • Destiny

      In terms of overall viewers the show has been fairly stable since the fourth season. Those two million or so viewers have stuck with the show for several seasons now.

  2. Raiderguy

    So much for being optimistic… oh well, 10PM on ABC isn’t exactly a wonderful spot, but I’ll take it over a Friday spot any day! Plus it’s the final season, it’s not like the ratings really matter at this point…

  3. 69 Road Runner

    How low will Blindspot go tonight after being preempted last week?!

    • Raiderguy

      I think it’ll retain it’s 0.3 rating. I think it’s pretty much just die hards left at this point watching, so I doubt a preemted week will deter them much.

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