January 11, 2018



Last week’s FOX arrivals took a hit.

DEMOGRAPHIC DETAIL: For each broadcast program (or hour segment), the chart below displays preliminary key advertiser demographics (adult 18-34, 18-49 and 25-54 ratings), audience skews (women 18-49, men 18-49 and adults 50+ shares) and total viewership (thousands of people over the age of 2).

Ratings analysis and comparisons follow the chart.

Fast Demo 2018 Jan 10.WED

FOX:  THE X-FILES and 9-1-1 both dropped 0.3 from last week’s premieres, X-FILES to 1.0, and 9-1-1 to a still-sturdy 1.5.

CBS:  THE AMAZING RACE lost 0.2 from last week’s premiere to 1.4.  SEAL TEAM held at 0.9, and CRIMINAL MINDS was up 0.1 to 1.0.

ABC:  THE GOLDBERGS (1.5) and SPEECHLESS (1.1) were steady.  MODERN FAMILY (1.6) and AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE (1.2) were both down 0.1.  MATCH GAME dropped 0.1 to 0.8.

NBC:  THE BLACKLIST remained at 1.0, and both SVU (1.3) and CHICAGO PD (1.4) were down 0.1.

CW:  The HOWIE MANDEL STAND-UP GALA special was at 0.3, and an ANIMAL CRACKERS special was at 0.2.


COMPARISONS TO SIMILAR NIGHTS: Preliminary adult 18-49 ratings versus the same night last year and same night last week.

Fast Track 2018 Jan 10.WED

CABLE RATINGS: Come back this afternoon for detailed demographic ratings for top cable programs from this day.




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  1. Destiny

    It really wouldn’t surprise me if FOX attempted to bring the X-Files back in some format in the future, even without Anderson. This is a network that attempted to reboot 24 with a new lead character, and a network that’s bringing Prison Break back yet again despite it not doing as well.

    • Destiny

      I’m also loving how The Blacklist has found a new lease of life since returning in terms of numbers. It’s making that sixth season case all the stronger.

    • FlopWatch

      Bringing back PB is even dumber considering how much weaker it is, revival hypes are too short term especially for dramas.

      Trying to replace or break up the Mulder/Scully duo would be even worse than the 24 reboot, it didn’t even work when they tried to do that in the original series.

      • Destiny

        It’s worth remembering that with Season 9 Mulder was absent for 18 out of 20 episodes, and appeared only in the finale.

        • FlopWatch

          And it was a bad idea, and the finale was poorly received.

          • Destiny

            I didn’t think the season was bad personally. It worked. Apologies for not being clear, but I think it could work with just one of the leads back if there’s a good story related reason for her absence.

    • Raiderguy24

      That wouldn’t surprise me either. If FOX did bring it back, it would be a complete reboot with a new creator and new leads. It would get low ratings and get a second season renewal.

      • Destiny

        Exactly. I think the temptation would be too great for FOX, or should I say Disney to not try it. I would rather they just wrap everything up with a movie before trying though.

      • FlopWatch

        It would be really tragic given that it’s currently heading towards fractional ratings, a reboot would be way worse.

    • I’m thinking they are going to let The X-Files rest for a while after this season because those ratings are giving them no real incentive to keep it around. But I agree that it is probably not done yet. Expect X-Files: The Next Generation at some point.

      • Destiny

        I agree, but they can’t wait too long if they want Duchovny involved. He’s not getting any younger. He has voiced a desire to continue with the show.

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