November 18, 2020



Lackluster premieres.

DEMOGRAPHIC DETAIL: For each broadcast program (or hour segment), the chart below displays preliminary live+same day key advertiser demographics (adult 18-34, 18-49 and 25-54 ratings), audience skews (women 18-49, men 18-49 and adults 50+ shares) and total viewership (thousands of people over the age of 2).

Ratings analysis and comparisons follow the chart.

ABC:  THE BACHELORETTE fell 0.4 to 1.3.  It was followed by the premiere of BIG SKY at 0.6.  By way of comparison, last season’s canceled EMERGENCE premiered in that timeslot at 0.8 and with a lower lead-in. 

CBS:  The season premiere of NCIS was at 0.9, down 0.4 from last fall.  The season premiere of FBI was at 0.8, down 0.1 from last season’s premiere.  The season premiere of FBI: MOST WANTED was at 0.6, down 0.2 from January’s series premiere.

NBC:  THE VOICE was steady at 1.1, and THIS IS US slipped 0.1 to 1.2.  TRANSPLANT was down 0.1 to 0.4.

FOX:  After an episode of COSMOS at 0.3, NEXT was down 0.1 to 0.2.

CW:  SWAMP THING (0.1) and TELL ME A STORY (0.1) were steady.

ABC’s FOR LIFE has its season premiere tonight.

COMPARISONS TO SIMILAR NIGHTS: Preliminary adult 18-49 live+same day ratings versus the same night last year and same night last week.

Note: The fast affiliate-based ratings below measure what aired on network affiliates in 210 U.S. markets from 8-11 pm Eastern & Pacific or 7-10 pm Central & Mountain. The numbers are some combination of the network schedule and any pre-emptions (such as local news or weather coverage). Accurate program ratings will be available this afternoon with the broadcast finals.

CABLE RATINGS: Come back this afternoon for detailed demographic ratings for top Tuesday cable programs and broadcast finals.






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  1. 69 Road Runner

    What a crazy ending for the Big Sky pilot!

    If the first few episodes of NeXt were as good as the one last night, the show might never have been canceled.

  2. Monzo

    After all these all-time lows I didn’t expect NCIS to reach over 10 million viewers. I’m glad this show is still able to make it.

    • Robert Headrick

      …to premiere with below a 1.0 18-49 is disheartening. Looks like a 1.5 is about the maximum for non-sports programming this season, with most shows only able to muster a .7-.9.

  3. 69 Road Runner

    Strange how the total viewers for Big Sky didn’t drop much from The Bachelorette. I guess a bunch of old fogies tuned in late, and then the youngins either switched channels or went to bed.

    • Nan

      or went to YouTube to watch a clip of someone riding a lawn-tractor while lip synching a Fleetwood Mac song.

      It’s sad that my children have zero interest in watching quality network scripted shows.

  4. tommy

    the comparison thing is hard because the world is upside down right now and ratings and lives are weird…

    • Destiny

      What we’re witnessing is the slow death of broadcast television which has been occuring for decades now. If you thought these numbers were low, wait until the 2021-22 season.

  5. Destiny

    Mediocre premiere numbers for Big Sky which leaves the show with little to no room to fall.

    • BILL G

      I did not think Big Sky was a very good show, and the ending was pretty gimmicky. I might watch the second episode to see if it gets any better, but it probably will not. I have a feeling Cable is not capable of making any “good” ,new shows

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