April 21, 2017


Another dull night for the networks.

DEMOGRAPHIC DETAIL: For each broadcast program (or hour segment), the chart below displays preliminary key advertiser demographics (adult 18-34, 18-49 and 25-54 ratings), audience skews (women 18-49, men 18-49 and adults 50+ shares) and total viewership (thousands of people over the age of 2).

Ratings analysis and comparisons follow the chart.

Fast Demo 2017 Apr 20.THU


NBC:  THE BLACKLIST returned from hiatus with back-to-back episodes at 0.9/0.8, steady with where it had been.  The night started with SUPERSTORE up 0.1 from its last airing 2 weeks ago to 0.9, and POWERLESS stable at 0.6.

ABC:  SCANDAL held at 1.3 despite a much lower lead-in (a rerun at 0.6 compared to last week’s GREY’S ANATOMY at 1.8).  THE CATCH fell 0.1 to 0.6.

CBS:  After 1.3/1.0 sitcom reruns, back-to-back episodes of THE AMAZING RACE were at 0.9/0.8, consistent with last week’s 0.8 at 10PM.

FOX:  MASTERCHEF JR rose 0.1 to 1.0, and KICKING AND SCREAMING was also up 0.1 to 0.6.

CW:  After a 0.2 SUPERNATURAL rerun, the special H121: FIGHT FOR THE CROWN was at 0.2.


COMPARISONS TO SIMILAR NIGHTS: Preliminary adult 18-49 ratings versus the same night last year and same night last week.

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CABLE RATINGS: Come back this afternoon for detailed demographic ratings for top cable programs from this day.




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MITCH SALEM has worked on the business side of the entertainment industry for 20 years, as a senior business affairs executive and attorney for such companies as NBC, ABC, USA, Syfy, Bravo, and BermanBraun Productions, and before that, at the NY law firm of Weil, Gotshal & Manges. During all that, he has more or less constantly been going to the movies and watching TV, and writing about both since the 1980s. His film reviews also currently appear on and In addition, he is co-writer of an episode of the television series "Felicity."


  1. Destiny

    Interesting how the second Blacklist episode had a slightly older audience, with a just a bit lower 18-49 rating. I think its also safe to say that interest in The Amazing Race isn’t what it was.

    The Catch has joined the 0.6 flop club. Which of course was naturally founded by super flop Quantico!

    • FlopWatch

      Quantico was demoted to the 0.5 club.

      • Destiny

        Lol. The producers have mastered the fine art of how to alienate your audience better than the Sleepy Hollow staff ever could. Did you see the recent L+7 numbers for it? It went from a 0.6 to a 1.0, a 0.4 gain.

  2. Destiny

    Hey Mitch. Where could you see The X Files going on the FOX schedule next season? The 10-episode renewal probably means it’ll go on Monday right? Paired with something similarly short. With how badly the network messed up Mondays, I could imagine it starting very early Jan 2018 so Gotham & Lucifer aren’t affected much.

    • Mitch Salem

      My guess is that they’ll run it very similarly to the way they did the previous edition, starting it after whatever big NFL playoff game FOX has next season with a Sunday premiere and then airing the rest on Mondays. One variable may be Gillian Anderson’s scheduling for American Gods, where I think she’s a series regular and which would be in first position to X-Files. That show may very well get a quick Season 2 renewal, and FOX would have to work within her availability.

      • Destiny

        I can’t imagine there being a production conflict for Anderson as she’s filming the X Files mid 2017. I think if FOX decides to bring the X Files back AGAIN it probably won’t be a yearly thing. I think you’d probably agree that it would be best if they don’t end the upcoming X Files season on a cliffhanger with the view of it coming back at some point, incase things don’t work out.

        Speaking of American Gods, don’t you think it’ll be a hit for Starz? I have a feeling this will probably get an early renewal and decent ratings when it premieres.

        • Destiny

          Put simply I think The X Files will wrap before American Gods season 2 begins production. I could be wrong, but I don’t see American Gods Season 2 filming until later in the year.

        • Mitch Salem

          On American Gods, yes to early renewal. But remember that Brian Fuller’s Hannibal was enormously polarizing, critically praised but low-rated, so I don’t know that Gods will fare differently.

          • Destiny

            Hannibal was niche, but it was niche on Broadcast where expectations are undoubtedly higher. The show would have survived with those numbers on any cable network. Which is unfortunate.

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