February 22, 2021


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Mitch Metcalf
MITCH METCALF has been tracking every US film release of over 500 screens (over 2300 movies and counting) since the storied weekend of May 20, 1994, when Maverick and Beverly Hills Cop 3 inspired countless aficionados to devote their lives to the art of cinema. Prior to that, he studied Politics and Economics at Princeton in order to prepare for his dream of working in television. He has been Head of West Coast Research at ABC, then moved to NBC in 2000 and became Head of Scheduling for 11 years.


  1. Johann

    The Equalizer is beginning its descent to the inevitable .05 range. Give it another 2 episodes. Another waste of the post Superbowl timeslot.

    And never understood why FOX renewed Bless the Harts. Horrible numbers if that was an original episode. Bad even if it was a repeat.

    • 69 Road Runner

      I think you mean the 0.5 range. A .05 rating is something you might see for Newsmax or The Weather Channel.

    • carbar

      For past 2 weeks, Equalizer has beaten AI in total viewers. However, the show is skewing higher with older adults vs key demos that AI gets.

      Each episode’s getting better IMO, but the writing’s pretty basic paint by numbers still.

      Despite that fact, I actually like the show w/ last night’s episode the best yet & Queen Latifah is helping it out a lot. Chris Noth’s doesn’t appear to have a huge presence nor her Aunt Vi thus far. I wish she had Benjamin Bratt in Noth’s role. I really liked them together in “Star.”

  2. Destiny

    The Batwoman ratings would be a lot higher if it wasn’t badly written obnoxiously political trash. I feel bad for the cast who have to read those scripts.

    Ruby Rose wasn’t perfect but had she had better writing to work with shed at least have kept the first seasons ratings from nosediving.

  3. 69 Road Runner

    Another good episode of The Rookie. I hope the numbers adjust up.

    • Johann

      The Rookie is one of a handful of shows that gets a huge jump (>100%) in delayed viewing (L+7). The Good Doctor, Seal Team, SWAT, The Conners, and SVU all generally fall into that category.

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