May 13, 2017


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Mitch Metcalf
MITCH METCALF has been tracking every US film release of over 500 screens (over 2300 movies and counting) since the storied weekend of May 20, 1994, when Maverick and Beverly Hills Cop 3 inspired countless aficionados to devote their lives to the art of cinema. Prior to that, he studied Politics and Economics at Princeton in order to prepare for his dream of working in television. He has been Head of West Coast Research at ABC, then moved to NBC in 2000 and became Head of Scheduling for 11 years.


  1. baja7475

    Where’s Destiny at? NBC reversed there decision, Timeless was renewed. There is the surprise renewal!!

    • Amaury

      Disney Channel needs to take notes and do the same with Girl Meets World, LOL!

      • CMM

        No. It should have been more like Boy Meets World, more of a traditional sitcom than what I think it ended up being, and have more of a budget to help in that. It also should have aired on Freeform, which Disney owns, and still have been called ABC Family.

    • Destiny

      Congrats on the renewal. That one surprised me too. There was no way really for anyone to know that a canceled show would be uncanceled days later though.

      • Destiny

        You should probably hope Timeless gets placed on Summer. Lower expectations and with Sony lowering the license fee enough to make it worth while, it could survive more long term.

        • baja7475

          I heard it got a 10 episode renewal and it will air next summer.

        • Shan

          Summer is where Taken and Blindspot should end up as well, if they get another renewal.

          • Destiny

            Blindspot will probably get buried on Fridays at 10pm for its fourth season. WB cut the license fee a LOT to get it renewed. NBC will just bury it if the numbers become embarrassingly worse.

    • CMM

      Did you know there is a lawsuit against this show? It’s based, or stolen from, from a Spanish series called El Ministerio del Tiempo.

      It makes this renewal more interesting.


  2. Destiny

    Somewhat late but.

    I really can’t imagine there being anyone out there, fan, user, website, who didn’t get 5-6 misses this season. There were some miracle renewals these past few days of shows that, if you by their numbers alone were doomed. Clearly next season people will need to think more outside the box, which makes it more fun. The rules of the game are changing!

    Most surprising renewal: The Exorcist
    Most ridiculous renewal: Great News
    Biggest miracle: Timeless

    • baja7475

      I think a lot of people got to keep In mind, is on-demand and online viewing on there own websites….. Also with in-product advertisement, dvr +7 ratings can be more important as well.

      • Destiny

        I wouldn’t put +7 ratings high on the priority list. I think profit is becoming an increasingly important factor for renewal these days. That and a third party studios ability to offer something cheap enough to networks to make it worthwhile.

        • baja7475

          Aren’t they going to get profit with +7 ratings with in-placed advertisements. For instance, using a Ford Navigation in car chase scene, drinking a certain beverage, wearing a certain article of clothing, all written into the script.

          • Destiny

            I won’t get into DVR ratings. But Timeless, Blindspot, Blacklist, Taken all had significant license fee reductions & any sweeteners thrown in to make it worth while for NBC to renew. In theory if any of these shows didn’t have a great deal thrown in to make it worth renewing, they would have been canceled.

            The fans didn’t save Timeless, it was Sony’s willingness to strike a great deal with NBC that did. Money saved the day.

  3. Destiny

    The Great Indoors was canceled by CBS. I’m shocked, said no-one ever. It was literally The Odd Couple 2.0 and would have been a poor renewal choice. CBS needs to be more aggressive with sitcoms it owns. This never should have got a full season order.

    • CMM

      Nuts. I was wondering if your head would explode if they did renew it ;o)

      Quick question – if this were on NBC or FOX, do you think one or both of them might have renewed this? Take into consideration the surprise renewals, if need be.

      • Destiny

        There’s so many factors here that it’s hard to say.

        But I will say if it was owned by the network and tracked at the same level as The Mick on FOX I would say yes. If it was owned by NBC and tracked at the same level as say Superstore, I would give it a good chance too.

        • CMM

          The Superstore finale essentially tied Great Indoors’ second to last episode. Then Great Indoors sank below Superstore in its finale.

          You never explained why Superstore is OK, but Great Indoors is a flop.

          I think you just noted it above, but what do you mean by “tracked at the same level as…”? Tracked how?

          If I am looking at a 0.8 for Superstore and a 0.8 for Great Indoors in the 18-49, how is one a flop and the other not when each show is available to the same number of viewers and each capable of getting all of those viewers? Theoretically, every major network comedy could get the number of viewers, if not more, than Big Bang Theory does at the moment. If you flip it, it’s as though you are saying that if both Superstore and Great Indoors received a 2.6 in the demo, Great Indoors would still be a flop in comparison to Superstore?

          I am guessing this has to do with how many and how fast a show loses viewers and that Superstore was slower, but steadier at holding those viewers? Based on that, it seems NBC is trying to squeeze what it can from it before the show dives (dies) below whatever bar they set.

          I believe this is where we had our problem in previous posts on these shows.

      • Riff

        “Quick question – if this were on NBC or FOX, do you think one or both of them might have renewed this?”

        Both of them would have renewed it, along with the fourth — soon to be fifth — broadcast network that needs no mention. Heck, if CBS didn’t slap together the “Big Bang Theory” spinoff, they would have probably renewed it themselves. Good for them for not doing so. It torpedoed its lead-in, had a really lousy, unlikable cast with poor chemistry, and was generally unwatchable. The creator had a pilot at CBS the season prior that I really liked and almost went to bat for. Of course they passed on it. Of course this one, which I hated, had no problems getting on. Of course the only bad actress in the cast in that pilot was the one who carried over to this one.

  4. Dyshpo

    Can’t wait for SNL numbers I’m guessing 10 million .

  5. Dyshpo

    Also Sunday news in morning and day will have yuge bump from from Trump’s freakout. Sad.

  6. Riff

    Worry not, my friends, about life for ABC after “Last Man Standing.” As you can see, they were right to get rid of it, for their Friday primetime lineup has been left in good hands. Big BIG new hit in “The Toy Box!” And a new record-breaker for “Shark Tank!” Its least-watched episode ever! Three cheers for the Alinsky Broadcasting Company, the network that even somehow managed to make toys unfun!

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