October 7, 2017


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Mitch Metcalf
MITCH METCALF has been tracking every US film release of over 500 screens (over 2300 movies and counting) since the storied weekend of May 20, 1994, when Maverick and Beverly Hills Cop 3 inspired countless aficionados to devote their lives to the art of cinema. Prior to that, he studied Politics and Economics at Princeton in order to prepare for his dream of working in television. He has been Head of West Coast Research at ABC, then moved to NBC in 2000 and became Head of Scheduling for 11 years.


  1. Destiny

    I can’t say that I’m surprised about Once Upon a Time. It’ll be ABC vs FOX in the race to new lows.

    • FlopWatch

      It depends on what FOX might dump there in the Spring because Exorcist will be long gone by then.

      It was pretty much expected for OuaT: an already declining show losing several main cast members, moving to a new night on Fridays, and has a full season to decline from.

  2. Lisa

    I did see the once premiere by loyalty and…it was worse just a repeat so surprise…not!

  3. Amy

    Not surprised at all by Once Upon A Time, they get another year and they decide to make it about Henry and his life????? Who cares about Henry?????? They manage to keep Lana P. and then she isn’t playing the beloved character of Regina, but some way less version who doesn’t dress for crap and who owns a bar???? Regina was always polished and refined, Roni just was nothing, even her hair and make-up looked bad. What a waste.

    • FlopWatch

      The concept of the reboot and everything surrounding it just felt so off.

      • Destiny

        Has there ever been a successful reboot of a long running series in recent years? Sleepy Hollow tried new characters in new surroundings and died horribly.

        • FlopWatch

          Not that I can think of and SH also ran into similar problems: move to Fridays, declining ratings, losing most of the cast including the female lead, etc.

    • Destiny

      I completely agree. I found Henry to be a boring character that I cared little about. I would have liked Regina or Rumple thrust into the protagonist role.

      • Amy

        Same, but, they were hardly used at all, instead they tried to almost force feed an adult Henry and a revised type Cinderella, who I didn’t care at all for either. Last nights episode was really disappointing.

    • Marius

      The review here for “Twice upon” actually sold me to watch it, and liked it (after giving up on the show). It’s again watchable, for a while at least.

      • FlopWatch

        The problem most of the complaints seem to have is that it’s pretty much a rehash of the old series only with new characters and locations.

  4. blue bloods is my favoriite show and i like hawaii 50

  5. Amaury

    Disney Channel has to go back up and get big numbers! Halloween episodes! Also, hoping I Am Frankie’s season one finale scored big! It was kind of left on a cliffhanger. It needs to be renewed!

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