April 26, 2019

EARLY FRIDAY BOX OFFICE: “Avengers: Endgame” Obliterates The Record Books–and Helps “Captain Marvel”


Box office discussions about AVENGERS: ENDGAME (Marvel/Disney) will revolve around records broken and those likely to fall.  The first to go was the Thursday night record, which is now $60M (beating The Force Awakens‘s $57M and 54% above Infinity War‘s $39M), and now preliminary numbers at Deadline have Endgame‘s Thursday/Friday at $157M, absolutely smashing the existing Force Awakens record of $119.1M (to say nothing of Infinity War‘s $106.3M).  This virtually guarantees that the weekend will pass Infinity War‘s $257.7M record, since even the massively front-loaded Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 yielded a 1.86x weekend multiple, which in this case would mean a $292M weekend.  If Endgame has the 2.08x multiple of The Force Awakens, it would mean a $327M weekend, and if it could sustain the 2.42x multiple of Infinity War, the result would be an incredible $380M by Sunday.  Looking longterm, Endgame seems poised to pass the $700.1M US total of Black Panther and become the highest-grossing Marvel movie, and Avatar‘s $760M and even Force Awakens‘s $936.7M record could be in play.  Internationally, Endgame had $305M after just Wednesday and Thursday, and could become the first movie in history to earn over $1B worldwide by the end of its opening weekend.

Endgame has of course left all other releases in its wake, but it’s notable that its arrival put some pep into the 8th weekend of cast member CAPTAIN MARVEL (Marvel/Disney), which declined Friday-to-Friday by just 25% to $2.3M, and could have an $8M weekend.  Captain Marvel now seems like it could reach $425M in the US, which would make it Marvel’s #6 here, below only the Avengers titles and Black Panther.

THE CURSE OF LA LLORONA (New Line/Warners) was destined for a short run anyway, but the massive competition crushed its 2nd Friday by 80% to $2.4M, for a $7.5M weekend.  Still, a $55-60M US total would be thoroughly respectable.

BREAKTHROUGH (Fox/Disney) held fairly well, down 45% from last Friday to $2M for a $6.5M weekend.  A $40M US total may be modestly profitable, although hardly living up to the studio’s hopes for a mainstream hit.

There wasn’t much room for DC on this Marvel weekend, and SHAZAM (DC/New Line/Warners) took a 74% hit from last Friday to $1.6M.  A $5.5M weekend would put it on track for a moderate $140M US total.

LITTLE (Legendary/Universal) fell 65% on its 3rd Friday to $1M, heading toward a $3.5M weekend and a $40-45M US total.

DUMBO (Disney) is the studio’s one regret of the weekend, down 66% on its 5th Friday to $900K, as it trudges toward a $3M weekend and a $115M US total.

US (Blumhouse/Perfect World/Universal) may not catch up to Get Out‘s US $176M total, as its 6th Friday fell 75% to $400K for a $1.3M weekend.

PENGUINS (Disney) plunged 64% from last Friday to $300K for a $1M weekend and a US total that may not see $8M.


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